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EEG collection and analysis services 



Seizures are defined by abnormal synchronous electrical activity of populations of neurons.  Although behavioral and clinical features of seizure vary, their underlying trigger is always an escalating synchronization of neuronal activity that can begin prior to convulsive events.  Depending on its epicenter and nature, the manifestation of a seizure can range from subtle signs to severe convulsions.  EEG remains the gold standard for preclinical and clinical assessment of seizures. EEG studies can identify a liability early in development, allowing for fast decisions and cost savings. 

Our analyses of preclinical acute EEG or telemetry/video-EEG follow established tenets for the assessment of neuropharmacologic effects and is aligned with the neurology clinical practice and ILAE (The International League Against Epilepsy) classifications for seizures, status epilepticus, and interictal discharges indicative of increased risk of seizure (spikes, sharp waves, abnormal slowing, etc.).  Our clinical EEG analyses involve direct and automated searches and expert neurologist data reads.


QEEG (quantitative EEG)

QEEG provides early, translatable, and cost effective prediction of drug effects or disease.  


We offer preclinical EEG data collection and analyses in multiple species, based on project requirements. 

State of the art signal analyses include spectral, topographic and tomographic brain mapping and network functional connectivity.


PCEC has developed unique tomographic EEG primate models based on 21-channel EEG.

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qEEG in Clinical Trials
  • Selection of robust clinical endpoints

  • Protocol and site setup support

  • Fast EEG data analyses ​and reports

  • Spectral features 

  • Surface, source localization and functional connectivity

  • swLORETA (Low-Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography) EEG source correlation

  • Symptom-based hypothesis testing

  • Normative database comparison

  • Statistical topographical maps 

  • Cognitive testing / neurophysiological correlates

  • Neurologist reviews




I am very impressed with both the quality of processing and the interpretation of preclinical EEG findings.  I have great respect for the work that Dr. Metea has done – she is one of the most highly knowledgeable scientists in this field.

Joseph Arezzo, Ph.D.

Professor of Neuroscience and Neurology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Drug Development

The quality of EEG analyses and  overall study coordination was outstanding. We were able to make fast decisions and advance our program  for a CNS-active small molecule.  

Project Lead, Pharma, MA

Clinician Support

Fast, complete, qEEG reports with added  competent recommendations for brain training in addition to thorough analyses. I appreciated the availability of several experts when I had questions. Thanks!

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, TX

In vitro CRO

Monica's expertise helped us validate a novel in vitro electrophysiological system with complex neurobiology. We were unable to interpret some of our results, and she helped us add more robust analysis packages. Now we have further engaged her to design technology upgrades to automate our processes.

Lowry Curley, CEO, Axosim

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