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Preclinical in vivo and in vitro assessments of peripheral neuropathy liabilities

Nerve Conduction  and EMG in preclinical drug development

Non-invasive electrophysiological tests such as peripheral nerve conduction velocity measurements (NCV) and electromyography (EMG) measure peripheral neuromuscular dysfunction and are used to assess toxicity, neuroprotective properties of novel compounds, or as key endpoints in studies using animal models of disease (e.g. diabetes or chemotherapy models). 


NCV and EMG studies in animal models are clinically translatable and provide information comparable to evaluations of peripheral neuropathy in patients such as the presence of a neuropathy, the type of fibers affected (motor, sensory or both) and the type of pathophysiology (axonal loss vs. demyelination).


Tests can be performed in small and large animals and can be customized to the research purpose.  Testing can be performed at the client's site or through PCEC, either GLP or non-GLP.




Nerve conduction studies  were instrumental in developing a nerve graft conduit .  We appreciated the expertise in support of study design and flexibility in working with the study site CRO and regulatory agencies. 


CSO, innovative product development company


First choice for preclinical nerve conduction. Appreciated the knowledge shared  in support of a molecule with peripheral neuropathy liabilities requiring nerve conduction.  

Senior Scientist, Pharma, CA

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