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study placement  and monitoring 

There are numerous CROs offering similar services and the choice is not always easy.  We can help you find the CRO that meets your needs to ensure study execution according to the highest standards of quality. 


We support outsourcing of preclinical electrophysiology, safety pharmacology battery (both in vitro and in vivo) and partner with toxicology experts in supporting IND-enabling programs assessing the acute and potentially life-threatening risks of novel pharmaceuticals. 

What to consider when choosing a CRO for GLP or non-GLP safety studies?

  • Scientific quality (scientific staff qualifications, technology, standard procedures, validations)

  • Facilities (location, infrastructure capacity, standards for animal care) 

  • Turn around time, reporting quality 

  • GLP and QM

  • Cost 

We can guide you through the process for optimal results

  • Best-fit CRO or vendor selection

  • Facilities and technical audits

  • In-depth assessments of data collection systems

  • GLP compliance and certified expert audits

  • Study design and monitoring​​

  • Adherence to protocols, regulatory guidance, and timelines

  • Data management and QC

  • Data analyses 

  • Statistics 

  • Report writing​ and review

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