Electrophysiology solutions in drug development and research 

Scientific rigor and advanced technology

Harnessing the power of neurophysiological data to accelerate research and innovation 

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Data Analysis Services

  • Neuroscience-focused electrophysiology data analyses

  • Quantitative EEG applications in drug development and clinical practice​

  • Preclinical cardiac electrophysiology data analyses

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  • ​EEG assessments of a drug's seizure potential 

  • EEG biomarkers of disease

  • EEG clinical trial subject screening and treatment response

  • Normative qEEG reports for clinicians and z-scored brain training

  • Neurography (nerve conduction), vision and hearing electrophysiology biomarkers in animal models

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Business Support

  • Research laboratory business performance



  • Acute EEG for preclinical research 

  • Telemetry EEG platforms

  • Cardiovascular and ECG platforms

  • A wide range of computational signal processing options including spectral analyses, brain mapping, and LORETA source identification