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We partner with expert scientists, engineers and clinicians to provide rigorous research and innovation support in electrophysiology and data analytics

Dr. Monica Metea's research background spans several decades and includes clinical electrophysiology, doctoral studies in neuroscience, drug safety and applied research.  Her present research collaborations are focused on preclinical-clinical translation of EEG biomarkers and electrophysiology applications in medicine and research (both in vivo and in vitro).


She has held strategic leadership roles in several contract research organizations providing services to the non-clinical pharmaceutical sector.  With a passion for putting ideas into action and the business of science, she has developed a keen understanding of the processes required to build or change infrastructure and close the gap between strategy and execution, with an eye on the bottom line. 

Monica Metea, PhD, DSP

Founder / Consultant


We are honored to collaborate with  outstanding experts across the fields of electrophysiology, safety pharmacology, toxicology, neurology and clinical sciences on innovative projects for data analytics, drug development, biotechnology, neuroscience research, and diagnostic  technologies.


Our approach to science is rigorous and eminently pragmatic. Each project is unique and our team strives to combine an understanding of mechanistic and physiologic factors with fast execution using state of the art computational tools and technology.  

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