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Helping scientific operations leaders successfully bridge the gap between strategy and execution

Leaders in scientific organizations have complex issues competing for their attention and time.  Operations managers are under pressure from business-driven targets while often also fulfilling the role of the subject matter expert in their field.  Keeping up with scientific or market advancements requires constant attention,  while the rapidly changing business landscape often requires a focus on the fast implementation of strategies, organizational design, or introducing a new technology.  The right expertise can make a difference in turning around performance or executing major business changes. 


Our consultants have decades of experience as executives and leaders, combining strategic planning with operations experience to translate your company's vision into action while increasing the bottom line. We focus on the business of science and apply a rapid and rigorous approach to analysing operations data while being mindful of the existing culture and business practices.  We help leaders uncover barriers, achieve operational excellence, and execute changes for profitable growth while engaging with their organization and maintaining control.


Operations manager at CRO

We needed remedial actions around quality systems  in the [..] department, after a client audit.  PCEC helped us implement integrated solutions, extremely fast. The team's performance  changed in less than 3 months. 

Operations manager, CRO

BOD, Biotech

A unique combination of scientific rigor, vision, plus sharp understanding of  team dynamics.  The training was very effective for our operations management staff.


Board of directors, Biotech 

In vitro CRO

Our intense work with Monica over the last 6 months has been transformative.  We developed professional operational processes and procedures. The new efficiency and quality of our work has been noticed by our clients.

Lowry Curley, CEO, Axosim

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